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Harry Coburn

Freelance Copywriter and Content Marketer
Owner, Hunting For Words

Image of Harry Coburn

Hunting For Words is a small copywriting and content marketing agency that helps digital marketing companies and busy professionals find the words they need to meet their goals. We’ve found that many professionals struggle with marketing their business because of a lack of time or inexperience with writing copy. With over a decade of existence, we know what it takes to make connections and convert customers.

Harry Coburn is the current owner of the company. He co-founded it with his late wife and business partner, Emily Hunter. To see our past work, hear from past clients, or to learn more about what the company has been doing, please click the links in the navigation bar.

What Services Do You Provide?

Hunting For Words offers copywriting and web content services. These include:

  • Email copywriting and campaign creation
  • Long-form and short-form sales letters
  • Landing pages
  • PPC ads
  • Blog articles
  • Small ebook creation
  • Content reviews
  • Editing and proofreading
For current rates, please contact Harry through the Contact Us page.

What Are Your Niches?

Our core clients are digital marketing companies that need help crafting copy and content for their clients. Thus, Hunting For Words has experience in a wide variety of niches. Our core niches include:

  • Small business development

  • Digital marketing

  • Diet, exercise, and health

  • Personal finance

  • Cannabis marketing

  • Webinar/course promotion

  • Fashion

  • Antiques

  • And much more