The Answer to This One Question Will Make You Successful

Success ClockThe answer to this question forges the foundation of any business.

Who is my business for?

As soon as that question is adequately answered, magic happens.  Why?  It brings purpose to your business. Knowing who your business is for gives you a target for your energies.

You can call it finding your niche, realizing your demographic, or discovering your audience, but it all amounts to the same thing. Businesses work best when targeted at a specific group.

Deep down inside, you know who you want to sell to.  You know the people who you want to be darkening your threshold and thrusting money into your hands. Yet if your business isn’t operating with the chosen audience in mind, you won’t get very far. Sheer determination can propel people into making enough money to support families.  But, when the question is asked and properly answered, the doors to success are kicked off their hinges.

‘Anyone Who Will Pay Me’ is the Wrong Answer

No.  Seriously.  It’s the wrong answer.

  • ‘Anyone who will pay me’ is the answer that people give when they’re afraid of laser focusing their business.
  • ‘Anyone who will pay me’ hampers your ability to make cash. Your business isn’t for everyone. Thinking you can will scatter your energy.
  • ‘Anyone who will pay me’ is the road to non-paying customers. Trying to market to everyone may attract traffic, but you’ll lose at least 80% of them right off the bat.

The Right Answer Is Right In Front of You

The good thing is that it’s easy to figure out who your business is for. Picture your ideal customer. Chances are your target demographic is a version of them.  When the marketing campaign and the wording for your business have been honed in light of this ideal customer, you will get more of those types of people.

What would they enjoy?  How can you speak to them?  That’s the source, the foundation for developing the rest of your business.  Once you know about them, you can hone your business to draw them in.

What’s it gonna be? Are you going to be the one to tear the roof off of your business, or are you gonna be the one to peek through the wreckage? Answer the question, change your marketing to reflect the answer, and succeed.

Special thanks to Flazingo for the Creative Commons use of the photo.