Is a Business Blog Really Necessary?

When I was first starting, I drank the Kool Aid. Every business NEEDS to have a blog. The quality of the business blog doesn’t matter. The type of business doesn’t matter. The customers of the business don’t matter, and whether those customers even *read* blogs is absolutely irrelevant. You run a business? You need to have a website with a blog. End of story. In some cases having a business blog is like having a pet rock.

Behind the Scenes: The Upwork Process

“I wanna be in the room where it happens.” ~ Aaron Burr, Hamilton Hunting for Words has both hired and been hired through Upwork (formerly Elance.) As a result, we’ve got a pretty good view of both sides of the client/freelancer relationship, and realize the frustrations that can happen. Much of the frustrations comes with[…]