Content Marketing That Conquers Attention Span

As the number of words on a web page goes up, the percentage of words read goes down. As readers, you’re losing interest faster in favor of the bigger, better deal. For bloggers, white paper producers, graphic artists, videographers, and content marketing experts, knowing this information means that your message needs to be more on the mark.

  • 30 seconds is the average length of a television ad
  • 10 seconds is the average length people watch an online video
  • 5 seconds is the average time span of a radio advertisement
  • 4 seconds is the time that 20% of all page views in 2012 lasted

These statistics are probably quite true for those digital adventurers out there. They are not because the average attention span is 8 seconds. They are because there’s a high level of unadulterated, unmitigated crap out there and we as consumers respond to that crap with an instinctual flight response.

The average #1 ranked page in the popular search terms had 950+ words, where the page ranking in the #5 position had around 700 words.

According to Nielsen, the average 18-24 year old spent 23.25 hours in front of the television, willfully consuming those 30 second advertisements to get to the beautiful nougaty center of their shows.

The new infographic by Red Rock Media entitled Don’t Let Your content Flatline essentially says that you don’t have very much time at all until your reader’s attention strays elsewhere. You should get to the point, edit your work, and do your best to hook your readers into reading.

      People will stay if you entertain them


      People will stay if you inform them


    People will stay if you amaze them

The length of your work doesn’t matter. How many 15 minute TED talks have you watched? How many times have you read the entire archive of an online comic book series? How many times have you watched an Epic Rap Battle or an episode of Mythbusters? Others will watch. They will come. You just have to make it worth their while.