June 9, 2014

What We Can Do

We help others help others.

Words back your business. They illuminate your foundation, your purpose, your reason for being… no matter whether you’re running a company or have a personal mission. The words on your site significantly contribute to a customer’s urge to purchase your beneficial products.

Hunting for Words finds the right words that shoot right into your customer’s brain and make them think of you. We’re the cavemen finding food for the tribe, gleefully traveling to the plains and bringing back only the best words… both big and tiny.

When you first dip your toes into marketing on the web, it can be confusing as hell. One faction over here will scream about your SEO for organic search. Another one over there will talk about the importance of great content. Still others will yammer about landing pages and strategies and everything in between. We write all of that so you don’t have to put yet ANOTHER thing on the list of things to do.

Web content that we write

  • Customer-focused B2Me blog posts, both big and small
  • Service pages that differentiate you from your competitors (and give you some SEO loving at the same time!)
  • Emails to keep in touch with your raving fans
  • Books that gather all the stuff you know into one place (and work WONDERS for your brand!)
  • Pillar pages for your web strategy (this is a page that holds up the other content on your site)

We’ve written a LOT of words in a ton of different fields, but the thing that unites all of us is that drive to help others. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a SEO company in Atlanta, a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles, or a computer security firm in Connecticut. It’s all about sharing skills and making the world a better place.

Samples of our work (opens to new pages)

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There are scads of samples located throughout the web of my company’s writing. Just do a quick web search of @emily2zen, and you’ll find articles from all types of niches, including customer service, B2B, the service industry, and even a kick-butt Thai yoga center.

Want me to write for you? Send an email to emily (at) huntingforwords (dot) com or use the contact form on the homepage.  Looking forward to hearing from you!